The Love Shack (First Milestone)

BY FOLLOWING OUR DREAMS and going to Fernlea on the weekends, we quickly got a ‘wee’ sense of what the early pioneers faced. No power, no shelter, NO COMFORT. That wasn’t gonna work. The Hobbit suggested we get two shipping containers to store tools, our generator and our excess stuff. While I conceded the container idea was practical, I cringed at the thought. I see old rusty containers all over  New Zealand’s beautiful countryside and they are eye pollution for me.

img00140Practicality  won out in the end and we got two containers, a green and a red one with the promise that they would be painted asap to make them ‘disappear’ visually, and so eventually we painted them grey. Once the containers were in place we built a cabin attached to the green container,  and put a roof over both containers and cabin.

planThe purpose of the cabin, called the Love Shack, is to give us a comfy warm place to stay over the weekends.

The clever Hobbit got the Love Shack completely functioning off grid. It has a compositing toilet, hot water shower (heated with gas), gas cooking facilities and 12 volt lights powered by a solar panel. 

And yes it was cheap to build, it is in the Hobbit’s DNA to source materials cheaply.

And yes again, as I am the author of this blog so I can upload photos showing me doing ALL the work, sigh!



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