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Work, work, work…

Rihanna’s lyrics go round and round in my head.

ALL OUR ADULT LIFE we work to the beat of the rat race and then all too suddenly find ourselves retired with bags of time on our hands and more often than not dwindling funds, eyesight, hearing, strength and health… oh and lets not forget the hair. After all the years of contributing… it seems hardly fair to be put out to ‘pasture’.

thumb_COLOURBOX26274784In our life’s ‘race’, the Hobbit and I have decided we want to run through the finishing tape.

Runners don’t slow down as they get to the end of the race, on the contrary they push harder and throw themselves at the tape, and like runners we have decided to live to our lives to the fullest, to the last minute. None of this sitting in front of the telly, or living a life that gets ‘smaller’ and more inward looking.

So for seven years now we have been planning and preparing for the next phase of our lives. Plans that afford us the opportunity to; continue to earn Retirement Plans Imagemoney (even when the business world thinks we are too old), keep our living expenses to a minimum, and have a place friends, family and guests can visit but above all  keep us busy, and make it possible for us to give back to our community.

Buying a lifestyle block seemed obvious to us as a way to make our plans come to fruition. We could run a farmstay, keep animals, grow our own veg, be off grid and have a place for family and friends to visit. So easily written in a sentence but buying 13.5 acres of land and turning it into to everything we dream, along side working in the corporate world, is and has been no simple feat.

This year we have really increased the intensity by; ordering cabins to be delivered for the planned farmstay guests, getting septic tank and soak field done, arranging landscaping and completing the green house and surrounding area, which is by far our biggest project to date. Every weekend the Hobbit is on the tools from morning to night and when I am not cooking, I am helping him or painting.

This increased effort is especially hard because the Hobbit has had bad flu, we have had our trailer stolen and the winter has seemed particularly cold and wet.  Oh yes, and in the last month the Hobbit has managed to; drive a nail from the nail gun into his finger, and fall off the ladder.

We are tired and have to dig deep to keep going, what really helps is the encouragement we get from friends and family and especially when they come spend the day on the tools with the Hobbit. It is also good to look back at old photos to see what we have achieved.  Photos below show progress on the  green house and surrounding area.

I have also been busy setting up the website, plus trying to get my head around social media and researching how to grow vegetables in a greenhouse.  The Hobbit is on his own steep learning curve as he researches off grid living and latest products available.

While at times the effort seems massive, the alternative would be worse. Not having a dream and a plan could mean we might keep working for longer than we want to, just to keep getting the money, and it could mean we find ourselves retired with not much to do on a fixed income, and lacking relevance.

Our dream might be tough but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Photo shows sunset at Fernlea.


2 thoughts on “Work, work, work…”

  1. You are both an inedible inspiration to me as I am also heading fast towards retirement with not much thought about what I want to do going forward.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the encouragement and affirmation Bonny. I can’t see you not being busy in retirement, you will probably be that busy that you wander how you ever found time to go to work!


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