Fur and feathers

Springs here, yeh right!

THIS WEEKEND WAS SOOOO COLD, and it rained and hailed, I am not sure who said it was the start of spring but they were telling porkies!

In case the weather gods don’t know we have milestones to meet and the constant rain makes achieving our deadlines a bit of a pipe dream, sigh. I checked the metservice and the rainfall in Kaiwaka for March, April and August is almost double the average for these months.

No wander our  paddocks are like a sponge and the grass is just not growing, which is a real worry for our cows. The Hobbit is doing the best job he can, moving them around the property – trying to give the grass a chance to grow. Ray of sunshine

Happily, this weekend wasn’t without a little ray of sunshine.

A couple of weeks ago the Hobbit was in the paddock checking the cows when he came across a duck’s nest with three eggs. The cows had disturbed the mum, he knew she wouldn’t come back so he scooped up the eggs and popped them under our silkie hen that was sitting on a nest. Silkie hen

Delightful surprise this weekend – one of the eggs hatched, and we found the cutest little duckling snuggled under her.

We checked on them regularly, in between the down pours, and one time we found the hen back inside the house and the duckling outside, stressfully calling for her. We realised that the little fella was going to have difficulty getting in and out of the chook house, it was built for hens and chickens not little waddling ducks with tiny legs.

So we made the decision to put them in the cage for a couple of days and keep them inside. A simple decision, you would think, however the reality was anything but and it was another one of those times that we should have got a video of the action.

This one day old duckling gave the Hobbit and me a real run around in the rain. Go figure, who would have thought that something so tiny and just born could be so fast. Finally, we caught it using a net and now I am happy to report that mum and baby are in their cage on the dining room table, warm and safe.

Mummy silkie has taught the little duckling to eat and they are bonding beautifully, and we are sure in no time, he or she will fit in perfectly with the Fernlea menagerie. And so our little animal family grows, if you want to read how ‘the family’ has grown to date – CLICK HERE.

Its mid September and we are hanging in there for spring and the warmth and sunshine, if it doesn’t come soon maybe our next milestone at Fernlea should be to build an ark.


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