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Neighbours are so under rated.

What a busy weekend.

Late Friday afternoon we moved our cows onto the neighbour’s property. As we have very little grass at the moment on our property for our cows, it is a glennlife saver to be able to put them on Tim’s property for the weekends, it gives them a good feed, means we only have to supplement their feed during the week, and it gives our grass a chance to regrow.

The Hobbit was up early on Saturday morning and went to buy wood for the piles for the guest cabins which we have ordered and will be delivered in November.

On the way home he stopped into cuppa teaMorris’ for a cuppa. Morris is a Kaiwaka local who has lived in the area all his life, and he has a wealth of local knowledge. He owns a post rammer and has helped the Hobbit before to ram posts into the ground for fencing so the Hobbit popped in to ask Morris if he would be able to help with ramming piles for the cabin foundations. After solving the world’s problems, a cuppa often gives the drinkers that capability, the pile requirements were discussed and Morris said he would happily help the Hobbit next week end. The photo below shows four piles (there will be 16 in total) the Hobbit has put in place and Morris will ram them into the ground up to the pink mark. cabin piles

Before coming home the Hobbit stopped at another neighbour, a retired lady who had asked him previously to help her dispatch her cockerels. She had purchased chickens and to her dismay most of them turned out to be cockerels and they had become very aggressive, attacking her legs. She was very grateful for his help.

coffee-eggs-bacon-500While the Hobbit was out, I was at Fernlea having a little sleep in and then got brunch ready for his return.

We had just finished eating when we got a surprise drop-in visit from Rebecca, yet another awesome neighbour. She has a blog called Chick in Nature, if you want to read her blog CLICK HERE. We hadn’t seen her for awhile and as the coffee pot was warm she joined us for a coffee and we a fabulous catch up chat.

The day wasn’t over, we had a BBQ planned with our adjacent neighbours, Paul and Sharon. We have cadac-braaimaxx-0003 recently bought a new BBQ called the Braaimaxx and have been keen to give it a go and decided to make a pork roast for our first effort.

At three thirty the Hobbit prepped the meat with herbs and seasoning and then put it in a roasting tin and on the Braaimaxx. The controls on this BBQ are very sensitive and so the temperature can be kept constant, he set it for 150 degrees Celsius and left it for a couple of hours while he went off do continue working on the cabin piles.

I prepped the vegetables and set the table. In the second hood we roasted pumpkin and potatoes, cranking up the temperature to get them well caramelised. The dinner was fabulous, the pork succulent and we all cleared our plates. We asked our neighbours to rate the dinner, Sharon gave us a ten and Paul a one because we managed to burn the garlic bread, he scratched his score on the back of the burnt bread. There was much laughter, and drinking!

On Sunday the Hobbit went to collect roofing material, and he borrowed our neighbour’s (Paul) trailer as our wasn’t big enough for the long sheets, and later in the afternoon Paul popped over and 22255115_826108084229155_85261435148575405_ohelped the Hobbit move heavy wood at Fernlea because it was a two man job.

Country neighbours are pretty special, they will lend a hand, tools or equipment. There is always time for a cuppa, and time to ‘chew the fat’ and support and encourage each other. Most importantly there is always time to party.

We couldn’t achieve what we have without our neighbours.

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