Wedding photo of the ‘Hobbit’ and his ‘Missus’. 

Hello, I am the Missus, the designer and author of this site. How the Hobbit and I came about the names I will come to later,  it is probably best to start with how we got Fernlea. I was widowed and the Hobbit divorced when we met and dated and the rest ‘as they say’ is history, we fell in love and got married in 2007 . It is pretty special to find a soul mate once, but to find a soul mate twice makes me a very fortunate lady.

With our  respective children grown up and all left the proverbial nest, our future was a blank canvas which presented an exciting opportunity to look forward and plan for our golden years. I have always wanted to get back to basics and the Hobbit was game because he came from farming stock, so together we hatched our plan.

To read more about that plan CLICK HERE.

WP_20170326_005Within months of getting married we had found our slice of heaven, just north of Auckland. We liked the property because it was at the end of a cul da sac, had wetlands, native trees and was undulating. I would come to have a love/hate relationship with the undulations!

We bought the property, called it Fernlea, and started nudging it on its journey to becoming a great off grid and self sufficient countrystay.

Given we still had business commitments and a home in Auckland, we have allowed at time frame of +/- ten years to get it done. As ‘they say’, whoever ‘they are’,  good things take time.

I promised to tell you how we got our names. Soon after buying Fernlea we started meeting the neighbours and my husband shared with them that we were thinking of building a ‘hobbit-like’ house on the property. In no time at all my husband was referred to as the Hobbit, and I was called the Hobbit’s Missus.

When we came to hear of our nicknames we happily embraced them and put them on a sign on the front gate!

gate signs

A few postscripts here;

  1. My husband is 6′ 2″ and does not have hairy feet, so is Hobbit in name only, I am happy to report.
  2. The irony is we are no longer planning to build a hobbit house but he is stuck with the name!
  3. Scooby and Basil mentioned on the gate sign are our little terriers.