Farm Day

HammocksWhen staying at Fernlea you can find a quiet spot to spend your day or join in the farm daily activities, just as you feel.

Let me describe a typical day…

IMG00276-20120422-1523 (2)We like to start early, around 7 am with a coffee and muffin, and we sit for while to contemplate the day ahead.

Then it is off to feed the animals, right now we only have dogs, chickens, ducks and cows. But soon will be adding bees, pigs and possibly a pony.

For now we are collecting eggs but soon we hope to milk our cows and collect honey.

After a hearty brunch at 10 am there will be work in the glasshouse, tending to the animals, making bread, cheese, yogurt and cider. All activities you can join in, or if you prefer more physical activities then you might choose to get involved in restoring the wetlands, fencing and wood chopping!

Take a tour: We will happily give you a tour of the farm and share how we have gone off-grid, and what we have learnt on the way.